Staying timeless with JORD + Giveaway.

Watch featured: JORD "Frankie" (in Ebony)
*post is sponsored by JORD, but all views are my own, honest opinion*

I dont tend to be very good with wearing jewellery. I wear the odd necklace and love earrings, but generally it's fiddly to get on, and then I find myself jingling every time I move my wrist or get caught on a zip or whatever the hell else I'm close to. It'll probably last about an hour and then its bye-bye arm candy. In fact, even wearing this gold bracelet above was a first for me.

Watches on the other hand, are my staple. I wear one every day, usually sticking to silver but this one took me right out of my comfort zone, and I'm loving having something different to style.

I have always been a fan of pieces that are timeless and what I love about JORD Watches is their passion for timelessness in design, great quality (having Swiss made parts in every watch) and using ethnically friendly materials to make their watches. If you didn't know already, they make all of their watches from wood. Thats right, the watch featured in this post is made entirely from wood, specifically ebony which is why its such a deep tone but there are twelve different types of woods they use and all kinds of shapes and styles available. Great materials, great quality, great style, what more could you want?

The watch JORD sent me, is the "Frankie" in Ebony and gold detailing, but this series also comes in other colours, so my advice would be head to the website and see what shape you like before choosing which kind of colour. My husband Frankie thought that the name was rather convenient! It comes in a stunning wooden box, with cleaning accessories and spare links which means he gets to steal it and wear it too (another great feature is that some of them can be unisex).

My friends at JORD and I have an amazing competition on its way for you guys, so stay tuned for my next outfit post for more information! And don't worry if you're thinking but Emily I never win anything, theres something just for entering too!

Emily x
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July Ruffles & musings on self confidence.

FIRSTLY: I'm loving it, but this ruffle trend had me in a bit of a dizzy state to begin with. Theres so many styles, cuts, shapes to go for this season. You've got the off the shoulder, the layered ruffled long sleeve, short sleeve etc, it's hard to find the right style that suit your body type and shape. I tried the off the shoulder ruffle and every time I looked at myself I just looked like I was drowning in material. It just didn't suit my petite frame, but I finally found one that suits me in this Guess number featured above! Thinking of doing a post on all of this soon so stay updated!

As I sat at home on a rainy day selfie taking in this new top (as you do), I started to think about how I analysed each photo, how I deleted nearly double the number of photos more than the ones I kept. And with that first photo, how I still keep looking at it and thinking oh no.. do I look too confident in myself? haha.

Confidence is something I know a lot of us struggle with day-to-day. And its sad, because it prevents us from honestly and totally being the people we were intended to be. Low self confidence grew in me throughout high school, the place it begins for most people, I guess. It changes throughout different seasons and comes in different forms (such as when you start your first relationship, or start college or even when you get married) but its still there, lurking. 

These days, I am very confident with who I am and where I am in my life. I'm not sure where I would be if I hadn't have met Frankie. But I do go through phases of low confidence in my work life, and in my image. How I feel about my skin might crush my confidence for the entire day. Or how I feel about an outfit because I'm so pale and can't be bothered to use fake tan every single week. Or when I go shopping and struggle to find jeans - or basically any pants - that don't look like they drown me because of my short-ass. Struggle is real, girls.

Balance is key. 
I'd love to admit that I'm perfectly happy in my skin all the time and don't get caught up in the downward spiral of my thoughts but sometimes, I do. The ultimate, would be to have 10/10 satisfaction every day, but it never really works out like that. 

It's about being less critical of myself, more critical of my attitude towards myself. Taking each day as it comes and not allow the reality of low-confidence prohibit me from enjoying the day ahead. It's about pushing past it and saying "its ok not to feel ok today, but its not the be all and end all, and it won't crush me". God made me who I am, and I'm proud of that. 

The main focus is about building yourself a foundational belief that you genuinely love yourself, because then having those less-confident days are ok, and they don't hurt as much.

I'm glad this post turned out to be just my thoughts splurged onto one page, and I hope you find something in here that you can relate to, too. Let me know in the comments below how confidence affects you on a day to day basis, we can only build each other up ladies! Have a good week!

Emily x

Top from Guess (and its on SALE!)
Necklace from Lines and Current
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Summer Days & Celebrating Dad.

Yesterday, was sed to have been one of the hottest days in Northern Ireland so far. It was so hot my hair turned to a humid ball of fluff and my mascara melted down around my eyes panda style. Attractive. Not what we were expecting, but it made for a brilliant family day, celebrating fathers day in the sunshine at Mount Stuart. We brought the picnic blanket, got the wine and beers out, bought some burgers and enjoyed the buzz. Happy fathers day to all those amazing daddies out there, and especially to those mums and dads who do it alone.. we salute you!

Playsuit - Lontra Studio | White tee - New Look | Patent boots - Public Desire |Denim Jacket - Primark | Bag - Miss Guided | Necklace "ODIN" - Lines and Current

Ok seriously, this is a playsuit. I couldn't believe it when I opened it and tried it on, its the best colour possible (goes with literally anything) and its so light and comfy! Great, affordable buy from Lontra Studio. I'm always on the hunt for new brands that offer great pieces that don't break the bank, and because Lontra is a new online store not many people have heard about it, so I want to make them known. The girls who started it are so sweet and have really started a store worth checking out. Go go go!

Emily x


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Making our first house a home.

One of the things Frankie and I have really tried to create in our house, since being married is making it a home and feel like one for those that visit, too. I know this is pretty obvious, but because our first home is rented, its not ours so we're unable to make the big changes you would be able to with one we own. So, its all about making small changes that make a big difference. Our downstairs is the hub of the house like any home, so here we have tried to create a warm and happy feel. Its just one long room (living room + dining table) and a kitchen, thats it. Its so small but its our space and we love it, so I'm excited to show you where we've got to in our home making.

The house we are living in is a small three up, two down terrace. The rooms are small so we have had to best utilise the space provided. We asked for it to be unfurnished (BIG factor in making a rented house feel like your own, by the way) so that we could fill it entirely with our own furniture, which we felt would make it feel more like our own. Its the small touches that make it. 

One thing I can't stand and that we can't change, is the wallpaper. Thankfully, its all been painted over but now and again I see the little squares and want to strip it all off. Never the less, I have put up as many pictures and frames as I can and decorated the house as much as I possibly can. Its of course, a work in progress but I love how it is coming along. There are so many little corners of our home that make me feel proud to know we created a space we feel so comfortable in, and its ours (kind of).

Home is where we come after work, where we rest, where our feet find our slippers, and our comfiest (and quite possibly ugliest) clothes can be worn with NO JUDGEMENTS,
where we relax, and where we make some of the best memories. 

Lots of pictures, lots of light, comfy corners, candles and the accessories that tie it all together.

Hope you enjoyed having a nosey as much as I enjoyed sharing our space with you! If you'd like to know where anything is from I've linked some below, if theres anything I've missed just fire me a message!

Emily x

Be still my soul prints - Etsy
"You + Me" "Family" prints - Yorkelee Prints
Gold & glass hexagon terrarium - TKMaxx sold out - similar here
Large frames - Ikea
White and gold lamp - Ikea
"Wonder" decorative piece - M&S
"W" mini plate - M&S 
Hanging flower basket - Ikea
Three frame in mint green - Urban Outfitters
Large marquee letter "W" on wall - Ebay
Teal occasional chair (French Springtime Collection) - Sostrene Grene
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