White on White / How to:

Top - H&M | Jeans - New Look | Leather Jacket - Exhibit | Heels - Zara

White on White 

Just love this outfit! For most of us, white can be a scary colour to wear. It can turn crazy colours in the wash, if your a messy eater there is no hope, and if your pale it can easily wash you out.
I'm a messy eater, and I'm pale but I still love white, so I thought I would take the plunge and give myself the task of putting together an all white outfit which I felt comfortable in, which can be tricky. What I have learnt is:

1. If its a top and trousers (like mine) remember to split it up with a nice belt that co-ordinates. If its with a white dress, do it with a waist belt or jewellery.
2. A necklace/jewellery can always be a good to break the colour up
3. Wear a small pop of colour, i.e. a red bangle or I chose red lips + red nails!
4. Have fun with it and don't be scared of it!

M xo

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