3 golden books.

Three books: 100% satisfaction

Have you been looking for the perfect fashion/style/lifestyle tip books that don't cost you an arm (Oh how I wish I could afford the giant Tom Ford: Ten Years or Doir Couture book but alas I do not have £60 flying around spare!), have amazing juicy tips and still look great on your display shelf?! Look no further because trust me, I have done some hunting. I'm going to keep this short and sweet, its not supposed to be a book review, just books I reccomend & honestly love!

1. How to be Parisian, wherever you are - Sophie Mas, Audrey Diwan, Caroline De Maigret & Anne Berset

Now I know this book sounds like it could be a French language book or something head melting, but its not. The ladies who wrote this book, are literally genius'. Its literally dynamite. Literally. 

There are so many pockets of golden wisdom every page you turn on being a totally classy, always stylish lady in every aspect of life: fashion, love, work and general life as a woman. The importance of less is more, what you should have and not have in your wardrobe, growing old gracefully, how to THINK like a Parisian woman, and live like one.

One of my favourite pages is the things a Parisian woman does not have in her wardrobe:

The whole book is written in easy to read pages, well spaced out so its super easy to just flick through and pick out pages. There's lots of wisdom from other fashionistas and inspiring women on always staying on trend.

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2. IT - Alexa Chung

As we all know, she is a world fashion icon, known for her itty-bitty figure, her sharp whit, and perfectly layered bangs. I had to get this book. Its like a snippet into Alexa's brain. Each page is filled with tips she has learned over the years in the fashion industry, and things, people, moments that inspire her.

This is a beautifully presented book, and one I again highly recommend, it is layed out in such a simple way, and again, you can just pick it up and read a couple of pages and be totally inspired. Its full of tips from someone who has lived the fashionista life and learned from it.

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3. The One Hundred - Nina Garcia

Nina Garcia is a column fashion journalist, who worked both as fashion director for Elle magazine and Marie Claire in the past. This book, is basically 100 items that every woman should own, why, and how to wear them.

This book is pretty special to me, as my Grandad (now past) gave this to me and my younger sister a couple of years back for our birthdays. So it has a sort of sentimental value to me, but its also a smashing book.

What I also really like about this book, is yes its about stylish items every woman should own, but there's also a couple of practical-stylish items that are a must have, in there too! I'm sort of using this book as a check-list if you will. Its great to flick through and remind yourself what you have and what you really need.

It looks beautiful, and has tons of quirky-cool illustrations, so its really easy to follow.

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Hope you enjoyed this little post! I genuinely love each of these books, and refer to them over and over when I need some inspiration. Also how flippin' good do they look on display?!

M xo

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