Black on Black.

woohoo for golden hour!!!

So as you can probably tell, my go-to colour is black, black.. oh yeah and more black. But its always a good idea to snazz it up a little with a pop of colour and what better than bright yellow heels?!

I got these babies when travelling in Australia with a friend, so unfortunately I am not sure where they are from other than the fact that they say 'New Look' on the shoe (not the same as our New Look though!) so I've provided you with some similar options below!

Not a massive fan of neon if I am honest but I love to play with it in small strokes, so starting with a pair of heels was an easy option. I absolutely looove the black/yellow mix and I'm not joking there heels are so flipping comfy! Jeans are from Miss Guided (cut the bottom myself because I'm a total short-ass but love the frayed/tassel look!), thin rings from Accessorize - exact ones in this recent post,  chunky rings are made from a spoon and a fork (my latest addiction - post to follow) which I bought from St Georges Market in Belfast, and jumper by Jaqueline de Yong.

Similar heels here, here and here.


M xo

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