MANGO - Spring Line Fav's.

Well.. Spring is well and truly here, and if I am honest I absolutely adore this season! Mango has produced a spring line that has such a clean palette of colours, lots of suede tassels and simple florals. I just  love it. There's sort of a clean western/boho feel throughout which I am loving.. Maybe its only me who sees that?! Anyway, I really wanted to do this post for you quick before summer comes because its almost here!
 I've picked out my favourite bits (trust me there were waaay more than this, but I had to cut it down!) so have a nosey and if you like what you see, just click on it and be taken straight to it! Easy peasy. 

ALSO, Mango have launched their sale which I am also too excited about (so many gorgeous pieces!) but I really wanted to do do a post on their spring collection for you, so I definitely encourage you to have a look through the sale - it's all win!

M xo

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