Camel & stripes

So yes, I'm a real life snow white! I look so pale in these photos I'm wondering whether I need to turn to a little bottle of self-tanner for use every now and then to perk me up! I have used Tantastic in the past but it doesnt seem to agree with my skin - anyone got any reccomendations?

So anyways, it's been nice and warm latelty in Belfast, with random downpoars throughout the day, which is a nightmare when choosing what to wear! But I am absolutely loving this 60's vibe that has been floating around this season and the last. As soon as I saw this skirt I had to get it. Its a nice change from the camel button down I've seen a lot of lately and I love this belt that's attached to it! Makes me feel like I'm on a serious twiggy shoot. I've paired it with this striped H&M shirt which is soo wearable, and these super sassy lace ups from ASOS. (Unfortunately I don't own a pair of lace up flats yet but they're definitely on my list!!)

 I cant seem to find the skirt on the H&M website to link to you, so I've found some similar items here, here and here. (Although, I didnt get it too long ago, and I did see it in store recently!)
Shirt here
Heels here

Em xo

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