Tuesdays Top 10.

Its getting a lot cooler in Northern Ireland and so I'm on the hunt for a fabulous pair of boots to see me through the colder days. I'm in love with some of the recent pointed styles, including simple leathers, textured, and fringed boots. I seemed to steer clear of pointed boots for a while, but the more I wear them and see them on others they just look so chic, and such a simple thing - just can't get enough! A good pair of boots can be so versatile. I've also selected ones at a range of prices, so here are my current top picks!

5. - New Look Pointed boot (£24) 
6. - NEXT Tan Suede point boot (£68) 
7. - ASOS Elsa Western boot (£55)
8. - Dune Peetra Boot (£48)
10. - MANGO Fringed leather boots (£59.99)

Em xo

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