Chelsea Harbour Sequel meeting.


(none of these images are mine)

So here it is.. I have some exciting news to gush! on the 7/10/16, this wednesday, through working at Guess UK, and as part of my new role as Jewellery Embassador, I have been asked to head to London for the day to meet the design team for Guess jewellery at the Chelsea Harbour Design Centre (eeek!) and receive some training. Basically, sequel is the design team that design and produce all of Guess jewellery and watches - and I'm going to meet them, along with other store members from the UK who have taken on this role - say whaaat?! How snazzy does the building look too? It'll definitely be an experience to remember, and something I'll take a lot away from. Just hope I can take my camera in and take some snaps of it all! I'm a little nervy about travelling alone and navigating London's crazy busy train system on my own, so lets just hope it all goes smoothly and clutz here doesn't forget something important or get lost! More posts to come on this!

Em xo

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