Balmain x HM

Girlies, I am way too excited about this colab and I just can't wait to get into my local HM store to check it out. Balmain's colab collection for HM launches in just TWO DAYS, on the 5th November, I've been itching to see what the pieces would look like and whether they would be every day wear, going out wear of if there would be something of everything. I wait to get into store, and see it in person but I'm going to share some of the signature pieces, and my fav's that I have been viewing online, here so that you can get a good heads up before you go in store and see it. I've numbered everything and links to the items on the site are below!

We all know Balmain is famous for it's shoulder pads, deep embellishments and rich in design and pattern, and it made me so happy to see that many of the pieces created for HM have kept to this tradition, but are at a much nicer price range for us poories (even a word? no, but I've said it anyway.)  .
 If I am totally honest, I am not a very bold dresser, I don't tend to run towards bright pinks and greens, so that end of the collection doesn't hugely appeal to me, but I am loving how original this collection is. I just cant get enough of that emerald green dress! They have (thankfully, for us boring people) also brought out some beautiful deep tones in their day wear, with the fur coats and the pieces I have shared above which I would wear to DEATH. There are of course so many other bits I loved but I wanted to narrow it down to my fav's and items I know I would wear time and time again. There are also some gorgeous black and gold pieces which I am loving. Enjoy!

Happy shopping!
 Em x

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