The Christmas Gift guide [Part1]: For Him.

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When it gets closer and closer to Christmas, the struggle becomes real. What do I get HIM for Christmas? For me, that means: my dad and my fiance. For a lot of you it will probably also be your brothers and close friends, too. Thankfully I have three younger sisters to worry about, so I'm lucky in that department. But men are just the hardest to buy for.. aren't they? Frankie gets increasingly harder to buy for every year because he's into so many different things but will never tell me one specific one thing he wants, and as for my dad? He literally wants NOTHING. I despair.
I do however, like a challenge, so here are my top pics from the tin-ternet to give you some ideas! Just clock the pic and be taken straight to it! The beard kit and vinyl player are definitely my top picks, and I have to say my dad would love playing around with that smart phone projector! Absolute BEST places to shop for Christmas gifts online currently, hands down are (psst they all have great offers on at this time of year too, so definitely have a look!):

Happy shopping!
Em xo

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