New Years Resolutions.


Okay, so I know I'm a little late to jump on the band wagon but I've been wanting to do this post for a while now, it's just taken me ages to get to it. Posts have been a little sparce on here lately because I've let life get in the way. And on another note, Holly and I have put a pause on BE. for now. It's just one of those things but I feel extremely sad about it because it was a special journey we both took together and something I learned so much from spending my time on. Both of us had a hectic 2015, with her getting married and spending three months travelling, moving house and me getting engaged and having a new job things have just needed to be out on hold. Still, I am feeling optimistic about it today and the year ahead.. 

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It has been an unforgettable year for me: I started a new job at the beginning of the year working with GUESS, Frankie and I got engaged in May - so exciting! I had a big blog makeover and new design for TLC which was very exciting, went to Southampton, England to reunite with my dads side of the family (who we hadn't seen in years) to celebrate the life of my gorgeous grandma who sadly passed away this year, had my very last christmas with my family which was definitely cherished, and became a proud godmummy for the first time, which I'm loving.

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I really hope this year will be just as packed if not more so with the wedding on its way! So I thought I would share my New Years Resolutions. Normally I don't do them because I don't see the point since generally people just give up anyway so I guess you could say some things on it are more like a New Years Bucket list, really:

Take a photography class : I have always wanted to do this, but never found the time or money so I am hoping this year I'll be able to just take the plunge. I love taking photos and I'd love to get better at it.

Blog more : This blog is something that I have had for years, and it has sort of grown up with me. I work really hard on it but sometimes allow life to get in the way of posts, which isn't really the point.

Work out : When I was studying at Uni, I paid for a gym membership so went to the gym at least three times a week if not more. Now I'm terrible and currently just do a few squats a day, if that so I, no where near as fit as I should be. 

More girlie dates : I work so much, that when I have a day off all I want to do is sleep, but weeks will  go by and I won't have spent any much needed time with my girlfriends and trust me that is really needed. So, yeah I suppose I need to really work on organising my time better.

Think Positively and keep an open mind : With regards to my job, TLC and life in general I have a tendancy to want to rush things. If I could I would love to blog full time, but thats just not realistic with where I am at currently. I need to be positive about where I am at and remember its a stepping stone to the life I hope to lead one day.

Travel somewhere new : Don't laugh. Frankie and I have never been on holiday together. Yes, never. Is that weird? It just never happened in all those years we just never thought about it. But this year is our year to do something fun. We both love vegging out in front of wildlife programs, so we'd love to do an African Safari trip one day. Maybe that's on the cards for honeymoon..?

Stress less : I guess this sort of links to number 5. I'm a worrier and can let the smallest of things stress me out. It's good to have some perspective on things.

Phew! There you have it, that's my little list. I'm sure I could think of many more resolutions to put on there but I need to be realistic with what I'll actually do! Until next time,

Love, Em xo

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