Trend Alert: Timeless Simplicity.

Afternoon! It's Sunday and I am currently sitting in front of the fire at the family home, total bliss before it's back to work tomorrow! 

Todays post is about the latest trend so you'll all know what I'm on about! I try not to follow 'trends' mindlessly without really checking out whether it's me or not. I totally get the attraction to follow trends as they come up, and I get really excited when its something I love and can really see myself wearing/using/doing but it's easy to just go for things because it is popular. 

Never the less, I am absolutely loving this trend: timeless simplicity. Fine, good quality, simple jewellery pieces and delicate lace bralettes. The way jewellery is worn seems to have really changed in the last few years - or maybe I have just got older? But it seems to be more refined, and layering fine jewellery is almost an art and looks so classy! Out of my jewellery shown here the rings are sterling silver fine bands from Accessorise and the chain is a vintage silver one from the Belfast Markets!

As for lace bralettes you can find them just about anywhere now, Pull & Bear do some really pretty and well priced ones or you can head to H&M and get a couple like I did - I also have this one in white! Nice lingerie seems to make such a difference to my mood and because they are just so pretty (and comfortable!) it is definitely acceptable to show them off. I of course wouldn't be parading my underwear for the world to see, but a bralette is more like a pretty vest when peeping through a sheer vest or pairing it with a plain white tee and leather jacket! I am of course still on the hunt to find some more to add to my little collection, currently looking out for a nice nude one - any recommendations? If you have anywhere you'd recommend please comment and let me know! 

Oooh also before I forget please take a good look at Gemporia jewellery - so excited to bring a mini colab with them to TLC soon, but I was astounded by the quality of their products and the price! Their pieces are to die for and beautifully designed!


Ems x

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