Mothersday n Moonstone.

Hey ladies! I hope the weekend was relaxing and you all enjoyed spoiling your mums, and/or being spoiled by your kiddies! As usual I bought her some flowers and treats in the morning and we then spent the day as a family after church! My dad, sisters and I drove to where mum works, which is a beautiful a National Trust property in Grey Abbey. We took a walk and then had some tea and cakes in the cafe (as you will have seen from my Instagram the crockery was super cute!).

So, today's outfit was all about styling this beautiful necklace.
I'm not a massive jewellery girl, but when I do wear it, its usually minimal, fine and quite simple. On occasion I might wear a fun chunky necklace but generally every day wear is minimal and usually just my watch, engagement ring and maybe a couple of other fine rings.

When I was contacted by Gemporia, I was so excited. I took a look at their site and was blown away! They kindly sent me a piece to review and style from their HUGE range. After hours and hours of scrolling through beautiful piece after piece I finally chose this sterling silver Rainbow Moonstone Aryonna necklace - isn't it just stunning? It's different to so many pieces I own, it's boho chic but because of its quality and the gem stones, it can be really dressy too! 

What I absolutely love about this brand is their sheer aim for quality and low price. I know it's so easy to say, but all of their pieces are silver, white gold, gold or sterling silver etc, yet the price remains affordable for normal gals like me. And did I mention.. the diamonds and gems are all real too! They also have this ingenious idea - a personal shopper to help you find exactly what you're looking for - umm yes please!

As I have mentioned before I used to have a problem with wearing cheap jewellery, rings I'd buy from topshop or cute little vintage stores would cause my fingers and hands to have bad eczema due to the nickel in them, and not to mention the yuck green band I'd get too! It was kind of a blessing in discuise really - I'd rather be purchasing good quality jewellery that I can wear endlessly, that won't tarnish or turn green and be chucked out in a couple of weeks!!

So yeah, I am proper chuffed with this piece! Gemporia's designs are beautiful, and purposefully quite simple so that the gemstones really take centre stage. I have included the link to my piece and some others that caught me eye ;)

Get my exact necklace here*

Until next time,
Ems xo

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