You Guessed It.

Ello ello. Sorry for the punned-title again, it had to be done. Today's post is one of my favourites because it includes a freakin' fabulous skirt AND some much missed sunshine. Yes, that bright yellow round thing decided to make a little scene here in Belfast for a couple of hours and it was so lovely. I kid you not but it poured with rain about an hour before these photos were taken so we got seriously lucky!

A mustard knit, denim, and tan boots with a dash of deep lippy make the perfect autumy combo - yes I know it's not autumn anymore but just roll with it.. who says you can't wear it all year round? That's a little something I wanted to mention ladies; but don't pressured by the fashion world to wear what everyone else is. Think outside the box. 

When my friend Holly and I ran our workshops "BE." in church youth groups to encourage young girls in their style and promote a good body image, it was because we believe in something more. There is so much more about you, so allow that to come out in your clothing. One thing we encouraged the young girls to think about it to EMBRACE the trend and then RECREATE it in your own way (I love repeating those two words - definitely my shopping mantra). If you'd like to hear a little more about that I'd love to feature a little post to it so leave me a comment. Just remember how important it is that you don't conform to the patterns of what everyone else is doing but find ways to put your own little spin on things.

I picked this skirt out in, you guessed it... Guess, and I absolutely adore it. Its bang on stylish but I love how it kind of has this cute look to it too because it's the A-line shape. My Jumper is actually a long jumper with a slit down the side from New Look but I love that I can tuck it into skirts like this so easily and wear it so differently. And of course the boots I've been wearing to death are my mango burnt orange/tan ones! Exact items are all tagged above :)

Exact items : Skirt - Guess | Knit - New Look | Boots - Mango | Bag - Mango (sale!)

Much love,
Ems xo