Hey ladies, it's new project time! And I'm soo excited about this one! 
A few weeks ago, a lovely lady named Alex Flook (www.alwaysalexie.com) - mumma to the cutest blonde baby boy Hudson, blogger, and pizza loving chick - contacted me about this idea she had to expose peoples "perfect feeds" on Instagram. 

Instagram has become an amazing place for me to share my blog, my life, my loves and my daily happenings with friends, family and those who follow me. And although is mostly an extremely positive space for creatives like me, like all things it has it's darker side. Instagram has become a space where we subconsciously obsess over other peoples lives, forgetting that their photos are just photos - and this is what #behindthefeed is all about - getting behind the photos. Unfortunately, some women have allowed themselves to feel inadequate because their lives don't seem as perfect as their favourite Instagram feeds, I know it sounds silly reading it but its so true.

We compare our lives to the Instagram feeds we flick through on a daily basis without even thinking about it. 

How many times have you scrolled through your favourite Instagrammers feed, seen her recent post about her morning green smoothie, featuring her perfectly bright sparking kitchen, juggling a cute baby on her hip and a super stylish outfit to match and thought - I want that. Or maybe it was the girl with the never ending wardrobe, that seems to make even pj's look like a run-way item - I know I have. 

So I'm here to get real with you: 

My life is NOT as perfect as my Instagram feed may seem. 
My instagram feed is an art form for me, and I enjoy making it look appealing and something to be proud of - I can't tell you how many times I have put a photo up and taken it down because it doesn't match the last couple of pictures I postest - in fact for every photo you see there are probably 100 different versions of it in my phone that didn't make it. From looking at my feed you won't be able to tell that I'm currently living at my parents house while Frankie and I are on the house search, so most of the homey things I create for my feed are taken in my sisters room - using her white desk for bright, light images, or endlessly trying to find the best natural light by a window, and balancing diferent things to get the look I want to feature. You'd be surprised how many people do this!

Don't allow Instagram to make you feel any less happy with the life you have: yes, take inspiration from other feeds - I do it all the time - but dont allow yourself to become so consumed by someone elses reel of photos, you compare it to your life. We've all been there and felt it - but let it be a source of positivity for you instead.

So this is where it gets fun: What is going on behind my feed? What's really going on behind the camera? My next post will feature some of this and loads more but we want YOU to get involved too! Share whats behind your instagram feed and show us women whats behind your feed.

These chicks are already joining in, give them a follow & check out their blogs for their #behindthefeed posts - also head to instagram and type in the hashtag to find all the other insta lovers who have got involved! Looking forward to seeing all of your posts!

www.alwaysalexie.com (@alwaysalexie)
www.simplyevery.com (@simplyeveryblog)
www.monkeysmiles.com (@seemonkeysmiles)
 www.mykindofsweet.com (@mykindofsweet)
www.danioverthepond.com (@myohmama)
www.mommafitlyndsey.com (@lyndseypiccolino)

Ems xo

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