The Handbag Revolution.

Okay ladies, so today we're talking all things handbag. Yes, we love them until they tear, we fill them to the brim with just about everything essential (and not so), and we never ever leave the house without. They keep our precious everyday items safe and at quick and easy reach when we need them most.

Handbags are changing. There have always been lots of beautiful options on the market, from faux to real leather, fluffy, satchel size, work size, structured and soft bags. I fit into the "biggest bag as possible" section, of course. But sometimes, because my handbag is something I have on my arm without question every single day, I get a little bored of the same old same old and I'd love to change things up a bit, without having to splash on a new bag everytime I get this feeling. I don't have the luxury of owning hundreds of bags with lots of different uses, so wouldn't it be great if one bag could have lots of uses?

Guess, Karen Millen, Michael Kors, and lots of other brands have released the very popular reversible bag. Yes, it flips inside out and a whole new colour is revealed! I'm sure this isn't a new invention and it's probably been around for a while but it's only really came onto the scene this year, and I'm all for it. Not only this, but some (including the guess "Bobbi" collection which I have featured below) come with an inner bag too - like a 2-in-1 if you like but way better. The Guess Bobbi bag, features an inner bag with a handle clipped to it, that can be used as an extra, smaller handbag, or take off the handle and use it as a large soft clutch, or keep it inside the bag as a large compartment for your precious items to keep hidden. So basically it boasts two colour options, and three wear ways so its essentially an amazing 5-in-1! Dream!

There are also some bag options that feature a hook for lots of different ways to adjust the handles such as turning an ordinary crossbody bag into a backpack, genius!

The bag I have featured is my slightly cheaper option, a Mango sale purchase I bagged for under £20. It is of course black faux leather, but features fancy fringe (a personal fav), and an inner bag that can be kept in, or easily taken out using the poppers totally changing how I use the bag from day to day. My girl Hollyanne bought a bag in the same sale, which is the white one which has a sport luxe feel to it, and also features the same inner bag. The cool thing about hers is, that because the bag has holes in it you have the option of putting in any other coloured bag inside to totally change the look! Check out her blog for a similar post on her bag too!

So when you're shopping for a bag, don't just go for an ordinary one pocket shopper, have a look at the wide range of options available to you and the list of features they can have! I've attached some of my favourite options below, at a range of prices for you lovely lot!

For the Guess Bobbi collection click here*

Have a nice Sunday!
Ems xo


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