Get the most out of your skin.

Well hey there! I apologise this post is a few days late, I intended on writing an outfit post but my camera-man/fiancee is currently vaulunteering as a youth leader at New Wine in Sligo, a Christian family conference. Its actually the place we met - 6 years ago now!! - which is super special for us, and why I was gutted not to be able to go with him this year. But hey, theres always next year!

So, skin. If you were to ask me two years ago if I have "good" skin, I would have probably laughed in your face. My skin has had somewhat of a crazy past - and that's from eczema on my eyes, to spot problems, and bad nickel reactions, so if you can think it up I've probaly had an issue with it. One way I love to soothe my skin once a week is with the use of a face mask. I am a BIG fan of the Dead Sea Spa Magik collections, and usually use their moisure mask but this time I thought I'd try something different.

Last night, my sisters and I trialed the "Quick Fix" facials, and I have to say we loved it, as you can probably tell! They have a huge range of masks to choose from that will suit your skin type or problem. I'm loving the blackhead scrub mask thats made with oatmeal - it smells and feels amazing! The masks also feel really light and creamy on the skin rather than heavy and clammy like some masks I've used, which is a pretty good sign it's going to do the skin some good! Check out their huuuge range of masks here. As my skin is so sensitive I'll probably be sticking to my usual Spa Magik stuff (head to your nearest Holland & Barret if you fancy checking it out) and using the Quick Fix mask in small doses to see how my skin copes, but so far so good! So, if you want to try something that gives you a wide range of options for your skin and well priced - just head to Tesco's or Boots for the Quick Fix Mask collection - this one gets a thumbs up!

I always rave to my friends about buying bottled facemasks, firstly because buying those sachets every other week or so is costly, the bottles last for so much longer, they're much better value for money and you always have it on hand in your cupboard ready to use.

An evening and pamper must have.

Until next time,
Em xo


  1. Love this madison skin is so bad with spots so this is a must try for her... what would u recommend xx

    1. Hi linzi! It totally depends on her skin type (oily/dry etc) but I'd really reccomend the Dead Sea Spa Magik range for mask - a massive thing for me when it comes to spots has been this garnier "pure active" face wash its literally been a god send for me!!

      Emily xx

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    1. Thanks Katerina, really enjoyed taking this picture! Loving your blog :)

      - Emily xo