We Got the Keys!

Hola from the soon-to-be Watsons and our soon-to-be Home! Ohh a busy few weeks have been had.. I hope you haven't noticed the missing posts too much, but we finally got the keys to our first home! Apologies for the rubbish picture, but we have been waiting a couple of months to get the keys and its so exciting to finally have them in our hands and start moving things in. 

As I may have mentioned before, we decided to rent for the first two years of our marriage, due to the nature of Frankie's new job which I hope to be able to explain a little more about soon, we don't really know whether we will be staying in Belfast forever. Plus, we would love to get the opportunity to live elsewhere and experience new things together so renting just seemed like the most straightforward way of starting out. 

As I said, we only just got the keys, so moving in is going to take a while, and we are still saving of bits and pieces of furniture to be put in but its so exciting to be able to start looking at homey ideas and making it our own. The house is small, and so perfect for the both of us, its a two up two down terraced house in a lovely street near the city centre of Belfast.

Sunday was the first day we started cleaning, and going room by room starting with the kitchen we will start getting in all the bits and pieces we already had to get us started. Its a long way off being ready, but I am so excited to finally be able to share some homey pieces and corners of our first place with you all!

Have a great evening,
Em x

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