The Hen-Do! #emshens

Hey guys, posts have been so sparse this past month due to the fact that there is 22 days until we get married and we are frantically getting last minute things prepared! Trust me, when it begins you tell yourself "ooh I'll be organised and get everything done early".. does that happen? Does it heck! Its the little bits left to do like table planning and printing table numbers and doing the DIY decor that takes up so much time! 

BUT ANYWAY, I am so excited to share my hen-do happenings with you all! Yesterday was quite possibly one of my favourite days so far - everything was a surprise, which my sister Abii (successfully fulfilling her Maid of Honour duties) and my mum organised the lot. There was so much thought and care taken into the day, and I literally enjoyed every moment of it. 

Phase 1 - Morning Breakfast
This part was the exciting beginning. I woke up to a beautifully decorated room, and tons of my favourite breakfast foods - we ate homemade pancakes, bacon and maple syrup, and fresh granola and yogurt. And I shared it with some of my favourite women: my mum, three sisters, cousin, Aunty, and of course my dad snuck in for some grub!

Phase 2 - Day at the Culloden Spa
The Culloden spa just outside Belfast, is literally one of the swankyest places I have walked into, the whole afternoon was a total dream. We arrived straight into total bliss, got given the softest robes and slippers to change into, then got to chill in their relaxation room filled with beautiful smells, soft music and the comfiest bed-chairs as well as being served fresh fruit water and fruit! We then got to enjoy an hour long spa treatment each, I of course went for the full body massage which was absolutely amazing, I could have stayed in that treatment room all day! We then got to enjoy a huge selection of delicious afternoon tea and cakes, both savoury treats and sweet, all to-die-for. Following this, we spent the afternoon enjoying what the spa had to offer - the sauna, jacuzzi and finally a lovely dip in the warm pool! An experience with some of the most important women in my life and one I will never, ever forget.

Phase 3 - The night
After the Spa we drove home to get ready for the night out. I, still unaware of what was happening, was stunned when my sister Abii brought out these beautiful hand made masquerade masks that she brought home from Venice, to fit the theme for the evening. I of course, had a beautiful white one. I wore a white skirt and top while everyone else wore black. We went to this super fun bar and restaurant called Granny Annies in the centre of Belfast. Its a new, vibrant place that was pumping with music and people all evening long. We enjoyed some amazing food, lots of cocktails and of course the odd tequila shot (because why not!). After my younger sisters, and a few others left around 10pm, a few of us girls headed off out to another bar for a few drinks and a dance before heading home for a movie and girl time. Here's some phone snaps of the night!

To the women who shared in my special day, and especially those who organised it - thank you, I love you and will never forget the day we had!

Em x

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