2017: New Year, New Dreams

I totally missed the whole New Years Eve/New Years Day post so I'm hitting you up with a post on the 2nd instead! I'm sitting in my favourite corner of our not-so-finished home today enjoying this beautiful sunlight.

Its a new year, filled with lots of new beginnings, goals and dreams.

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Wow its been such a wonderful year I'm not sure where to begin! Frankie and I spent most of the beginning of 2016 planning our wedding, I shopped for and chose my dream wedding dress, we chose invites, bridesmaid dresses, organised seating plans, decorated tables and so on, and then on octave 24th we got married! I got a promotion in work, Frankie started his new job, and we got our very first house together. And to top it all off we have a new niece or nephew on the way. It's been such an exciting year, lots of firsts and lots of big memories made. An unforgettable one to say the least.

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There are lots of things I see and hope for in the year ahead. I'm currently working in retail to pay the bills but its by no means my dream for my life. I hope to lessen my hours and begin really focusing on The Little Chronicles and seeing where I can take it - some exciting collaborations in the pipeline for 2017! I have so many dreams big for this site. I turn 23 in January which is exciting, I'm starting to hit the age where I'm thinking wait.. slow down! I'd also love to do some more studying this year, I'd love to maybe do online or part-time classes on fashion buying/styling. If I could study it all, I would!

So this year my every day motto will have to be dream big, achieve big.


For a little extra I have scrolled the net to find you some beautifully themed 2017 calendars for the new year to stick on your wall. There simple but so chic, and they're both FREE and printable :

A beautifully pastel themed one by Clementine Creative.
A hand-lettered trendy one by Delineate your Dwelling. (personal fav)

Em xo

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