Home Teeth Whitening with Smile Brilliant.

Hi friends, welcome to my sofa..

I have wanted to whiten my teeth for years but as with a lot of things, I was sceptical: does it thin the ennamel? Will it hurt my teeth? Will it make my teeth more sensitive to foods I love? Will I only be able to eat from a straw for the week after? - yes, I have friends who have their teeth whitened a few times a year and this is what they are instructed to do after to prevent staining.. Bonkers!

Before Frankie and I got married, I really looked into getting my teeth done for our wedding day. In the past, I have tried the little home kits from like the Crest 3D White Strips, to the do-it-yourself Bicarbonate of Soda method, but nothing seemed to really have an effect. When I thought all was said and done, I opted to go to the local shopping centre near where we live in Belfast, to a whitening company that offered a good price, and as it had been recommended to me by various people it sounded the best option.. until this little brilliant company contacted me. 

Smile Brilliant are a company based in St. Louis delivering affordable, easy, effective teeth whitening from the comfort of your own home. I've got to admit, at first I did feel both excited and nervous about the idea of doing it myself.. what if it didn't turn out right?

One of the first things I noticed about Smile Brilliant was how professional the process was. The box that was sent out to me was presented beautifully, and the instructions were clear. Theres no neon light up rubber guards to keep in your mouth for periods of time. Theres simply a teeth whitening gel, so the whole process seems so much more if I can put it like this.. genuine. Its a process that seems far better for your teeth than using a glowing light to whiten them.

What you'll receive in the box: 
- Putty to create your personalised mouth guards
- 6x teeth whitening gel syringes
- 6x teeth desensitising gel syringes

What to do:
Step 1. Using the putty provided, create your personalised mouth guards to fit your unique teeth.
Step 2. Send them off to Smile Brilliant HQ to be magically transformed into two clear guards (one of the bottom teeth, one for the top).
Step 3. Wait for them to arrive.
Step 4. When they have arrived, get started on that smile!

All you have to do is brush your teeth then use the gels provided squirt a line into each guard (one syringe usually does about 3-4 applications), place onto teeth and wait 30-45 mins.. occasionally I used it for around the hour mark. And THATS IT. Do this once a day if possible.

The only downside to teeth whitening is that the more you do it, the more sensitive your teeth can become, no matter what kit or products you use. But whats brilliant about this company is that you are provided with an additional desensitising gel. Sometimes I forget to use it, but its great to have at the ready. The desensitising gel also replenishes all of the natural vitamins and minerals that are lost while whitening, so I would usually try use this in the trays for about 15 minutes straight after whitening.

What is so amazing about this product is that it can be done anywhere at anytime. You can use them morning or night, I like to use them just before bed, while I'm reading a book or even put them in take a nap and set a timer on my phone. They're so quick and easy I have even done them before work as I'm getting dressed and ready for the day, and if you were really in a rush you could even use them in the shower! This kit really is a big change for the teeth whitening industry. Another thing I love is that the guards some in this really neat little plastic box, making travelling with the kit easy too!

And if all that doesn't tickle your teeth whitening taste buds they even have a 100% money back guarantee if you aren't happy! Is that good or what?

We all have questions so if you have any other worries, head to Smile Brilliants site for 7 things you should know before whitening. And I've found a great review video for you to check out of all of this reading is giving you eye sore! click here.

So here we go, my results so far..

I personally think the results speak for themselves and I'm so pleased with my teeth I will continue to use this product. Being busy with Christmas I totally forgot to use it for a week or so and even after not using the product to its full potential and still getting these results I can safely say it's well worth it.

I love it so much that in working with Smile brilliant we have been able to grab my readers a little 5% discount off using the code "thelittlechronicles5" at the checkout.
We've also been able to organise a competition for you to WIN a whitening box too.. To enter head to this link and just put in your email address - https://www.smilebrilliant.com/g/thelittlechronicles

Enjoy whitening!
Ems xo


  1. Love your post!! Smile Brilliant is such an amazing company and really does work wonders! Your results look amazing, girl!

    1. Hey girl! Thanks so much, I really enjoyed doing this post, I'm so glad I've now found something that works so well!
      - Emily xo

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