Backpacks & Fashion Weeks top trends.

I've recently been introduced to the world of backpacks and I don't think I'll go back for a while.. Theres so much choice! I literally use this faux leather baby like everrryday. I take it to work, church, for shopping and so much more. Every time I go to use my hand bag I'm like "wait.. I have to actually carry this?!" #lazylady

This outfit it probably the cutest ever. I'm just about to get my wardrobe ready for some new key season pieces and in organising my wardrobe, dug this cute check skirt out from Miss Guided. I've seen a lot of these in the shops recently, especially in dogtooth so a little skirt like this is definitely an all-round winner! Paired with black boots and a knit tucked in.. you're good to go!

So, whose feeling Fashion Week ready? Got lots of shows booked? Sometimes, with a whirlwind of showcases its hard to narrow down what the key trends are so heres my mini guide to help you this season. I've created a list of key season trends to keep you fashion ready and keep it simple. Reigning supreme on the catwalk are:

- Blush pinks & soft metallics
- Swaying away from skinnies, and towards a more loose fit denim
- Ruffles and frills are reigning on the catwalk with most designers such as Chloe, Loewe and Alexander McQueen
- Wearing the bralette backwards is BIG on trend (i.e. wearing over shirts, tees etc)
- Statement sleeves such as a wide fit, ruffle sleeve or bell sleeve.

enjoy the fashion week madness!


  1. Cutest outfit ever, I want that skirt so so much! Can't wait for the next outfit post xx

  2. I love your skirt and bag so much! :) I could never get away with skirts though because I'm so tall! How frustrating!

    1. Thanks Lucy! I'm a real short-ass haha!
      Emily x

  3. Love the outfit, looks cosy. I love wearing backpacks, especially when shopping. I hate carrying around paper/plastic bags. I need to find a cute one likes yours.

  4. Love this outfit - especially the rucksack!!

    Katie x

  5. This outfit is so cute! Ironically I don't feel like I can get away with skirts because I'm so short! ❤

  6. Really love this backpack!! Will definitely have to get myself one