Valentines : Date Night on a budget.

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Since its the day of love, I figured I'd post something I've been meaning to post for a while. Whether you're married with kids, just boyfriend and girlfriend, partners, or newlyweds like us its important to take the time to make the effort with each other. Even though it's just Frankie and I, we do dinner every night together, watch TV together and so on, we still think its important to make that effort at least once a week, put time into spending time (if that makes sense).

Date night isn't always about going out on dates but its about spending that intentional, quality time together, focusing on the other person. It doesn't have to be fancy, or even a date per say, just time. So I've compiled a list of budget friendly ideas for your next date night, hassle free!

Supermarket Spree - When it comes to doing a date night meal, going out can start to take its toll on the expenses, even if its just ordering in a takeaway it all builds up on the month. Supermarkets offer the best prices for cheap meals - M&S do a really lovely three course meal for two (starter, main, desert, and a bottle of wine) for £15 which is a great shout. Or, if you're really strapped for cash, Lidl just launched their new range of cuisine from around the world and starting from just 60p you really can't go wrong. We have done it a few times and the food is surprisingly really good! Alternatively, if you know what you want - sometimes I just want to go for a pizza night without having to order in - it's good to shop around and see what's cheapest. 

Go outdoors - Its free, and comes with the added benefits of views, fresh air, new paths to explore and new things to see. There's always somewhere new to go and even if that's too much of a stretch for you, even if its to simply sit in your garden, in an old tent or under a cover with a mug of tea and a blanket if its chilly. 

Picnic it - To combine my two last pointers, why not take the weeks leftovers out of the freezer, or make some sandwiches, head to the park or sit in the garden with some grub? Its probably more of a day time date but it makes for great afternoon!

Make something - As much as I hate to admit, I'm an awful cook and baker but sometimes baking something is the perfect simple night in. Neither of us are good at following recipes and often we're missing certain ingredients, so we like to experiment which makes it fun.. even if the cake does turn out terrible. And on the off chance its actually edible its a movie with cake and custard!

Dust off the old board games - There's something so nostalgic about a good old board game. After moving in, Frankie and I actually set ourselves the task of building up our board game collection for rainy days because you never know when they will come in handy - sometimes you just get the urge to get one out. In fact Frankie and I's favourite at the moment, is to just get out the pack of cards and play card games over a glass of wine for me and whiskey for him. Its so simple but we love it. 

Netflix and Chill - Take the phrase how you like, but chilling in front of a movie at home sometimes is one of the cheapest options for a date in. Whether its Netflix, Sky Movies, or Now TV (which we are currently using and love it!) its a far cheaper option compared to spending from £20-£30 in the cinema after buying drinks, snacks and popcorn which we can never resist. We always have some sweets, ice cream or ready-popcorn at he ready in the cupboard for a home movie date.

So there you have it, my top tips for date nights on a budget. Of course, there are so many other cheap/free options to go with, so in addition to what I've said try to think outside the box. Some of the fondest memories of date nights or days with Frankie have been the ones where we haven't spent a penny. I know this is a roll the eyes type of statement but its true, love doesn't cost a thing so why should the date need to? Let me know of any of your ideas that I may have missed - I love finding new and fun ways we can date!


  1. Such a lovely Valentine's post! :) xo

  2. This is such a cute post! Gotta love a good board game!
    Katie x

    1. Thanks hun, nothing better than a cosy night in with a boardgames thats for sure!
      - Emily xo