Vintage Nike x Trench.

Photography by Dave Bradshaw

Deary me it's been wet few days here in Belfast! I spent the whole afternoon in Ikea the other day - bought some of the cutest bits and bobs (check the Instagram if you dare!) - and the skies shone with sunshine most of the day. In fact, I actually wore sunglasses properly for the first time this year.. didn't last long did it?!

Todays post features this super cool vintage/retro Nike crew neck jumper I picked up in an old sports shop in Dunmurry, Belfast a few years back. As small and cramped as it is, they have some serious gems in there! This kind of jumper never goes out of trend, its an easy every day piece, great with jeans but I also love it with gym gear. Its a win, win! Also this Stradivarius trench has literally not left my back. Its definitely a purchase I'll never regret, season upon season.

Anyone else given in to the new spectacle trend? Glasses have become the equivalent of an excellent pair of earrings or a pop of lipstick, to really make your outfit your own. And now, with fake lenses they're taking the shops by storm, coming out in amazing shapes and sizes, the aviator being my firm fav. These I bought for a bargain on Amazon but I've seen them retailed for way more, so definitely take a look online!

I wanted to point out how much you really can play with denim this season. Im loving all the wide cut offs, odd cut, messy hems, frilled hems, frayed hems, tasseled hems (and breathe!) at the moment - there is literally everything a girl could imagine! I'm loving playing with my jeans right now. For example here, I'm wearing my new season TopShop Jamie jeans that have an uneven split cut at the bottom. I love tucking one half into my boots, as shown here or even pulling both out! Theres really so much you can do. Why not have a go with a pair of your own jeans?

Exact featured items:
Boots - Public Desire
Jeans - Topshop Jamie
Jumper - Vintage Nike (unfortunately can't link but heres some awesome vintage pieces)
Trench - Stradivarius



  1. Love how you put together this outfit. The graphic tee layered with the coat :D great sense of style.I am also feeling the sunglasses trend. I agree with you. Must have a pair otherwise my outfit doesn't seem complete

    1. Thanks for reading Shevy! I know I'm obsessed now!
      Emily x

  2. Love the style of this post! The filter fits so well with the outfit :)
    XO Chandel :)

  3. Great outfit. Love the post.

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  5. Lovely outfits ....they are cool enough...