July Ruffles & musings on self confidence.

FIRSTLY: I'm loving it, but this ruffle trend had me in a bit of a dizzy state to begin with. Theres so many styles, cuts, shapes to go for this season. You've got the off the shoulder, the layered ruffled long sleeve, short sleeve etc, it's hard to find the right style that suit your body type and shape. I tried the off the shoulder ruffle and every time I looked at myself I just looked like I was drowning in material. It just didn't suit my petite frame, but I finally found one that suits me in this Guess number featured above! Thinking of doing a post on all of this soon so stay updated!

As I sat at home on a rainy day selfie taking in this new top (as you do), I started to think about how I analysed each photo, how I deleted nearly double the number of photos more than the ones I kept. And with that first photo, how I still keep looking at it and thinking oh no.. do I look too confident in myself? haha.

Confidence is something I know a lot of us struggle with day-to-day. And its sad, because it prevents us from honestly and totally being the people we were intended to be. Low self confidence grew in me throughout high school, the place it begins for most people, I guess. It changes throughout different seasons and comes in different forms (such as when you start your first relationship, or start college or even when you get married) but its still there, lurking. 

These days, I am very confident with who I am and where I am in my life. I'm not sure where I would be if I hadn't have met Frankie. But I do go through phases of low confidence in my work life, and in my image. How I feel about my skin might crush my confidence for the entire day. Or how I feel about an outfit because I'm so pale and can't be bothered to use fake tan every single week. Or when I go shopping and struggle to find jeans - or basically any pants - that don't look like they drown me because of my short-ass. Struggle is real, girls.

Balance is key. 
I'd love to admit that I'm perfectly happy in my skin all the time and don't get caught up in the downward spiral of my thoughts but sometimes, I do. The ultimate, would be to have 10/10 satisfaction every day, but it never really works out like that. 

It's about being less critical of myself, more critical of my attitude towards myself. Taking each day as it comes and not allow the reality of low-confidence prohibit me from enjoying the day ahead. It's about pushing past it and saying "its ok not to feel ok today, but its not the be all and end all, and it won't crush me". God made me who I am, and I'm proud of that. 

The main focus is about building yourself a foundational belief that you genuinely love yourself, because then having those less-confident days are ok, and they don't hurt as much.

I'm glad this post turned out to be just my thoughts splurged onto one page, and I hope you find something in here that you can relate to, too. Let me know in the comments below how confidence affects you on a day to day basis, we can only build each other up ladies! Have a good week!

Emily x

Top from Guess (and its on SALE!)
Necklace from Lines and Current


  1. what a beautiful shirt! I do the same with selfies if i'm honest, take 10, delete 9, take another 5 and then analyse the top 3 until i hate all of them!

    1. Thanks girl! I know, we all do it! Just gotta love on ourselves a little more <3
      Emily x