Brighten up, baby.

Hello if you're new here, and thanks for popping back if you have discovered my blog tlc before. I haven't posted here in months, so I figured it was about time I got back to it! I have no reason for lacking in the post department, other than I simply don't possess time management skills to remember to post on the correct day or make sure I slot in those outfit shooting days because it never seems to happen when I plan it. If you're a blogger and reading this, I know you will catch my drift we have all been here time and time again. Its time to stop freaking out about it and just relax! So thats what I'm doing, I'm going with the flow and so happy you're still here reading  my posts and checking out my looks.

It's all about the colour baby! I don't know about you, but Autumn colours are my colours. As much as half of my wardrobe is black and grey, I love autumny dark nude and cappuccino lipsticks, and swear by mustard and burnt orange tones. I died when I saw this mustard-yellow knit, and its my most commented on jumper ever. Every time I wear it someone asks me where its from!

Jumper - Guess | Over knee boots - Guess | Denim - Topship (Jamie) | Velvet bag - ASOS

I don't know about you, but I'm very funny when it comes to cropped knits, I find that most have a thinner material in comparison to full length knits.. which is weird because surely at this time of year everything should be as think as possible! And they need to be loose enough so that I can tuck the front in because I hate feeling the cold air run up my middle at the slight gust of wind.. BUT this jumper is so soft and thick and this balances out the fact that I can't tuck it in because why would you when theres that gorgeous cable twist there?! And just so you know.. It also comes in an incredible bubblegum pink colour, grey and a nude tone too!

Side note: who else finds it incredibly difficult to get over knee boots that FIT. I have very short, and slim legs which don't make light work finding suitable boots and stay up and don't look like I'm wearing long wellies. These suede babies fit like a dream and are also from Guess! They are quite high so not the kind of boots you'd be able to wear all day long but definitely a statement and staple for your autumn/winter wardrobe!

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